CORPS VITALE Balancing Floral Tonic

CORPS VITALE 120ML / 4oz. Price: $120.00. Available online at
Divine restoration pour le corps in a powerhouse blend of lymphatic-supporting essences.

Restore physical and mental tonality with In Fiore Corps Vitale. Our balancing floral tonic awakens the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems by ushering toxins out through the skin. Clear your body’s pathways and enjoy increased functionality and vigor. Experience slowed breath, increased circulation, a supported liver, and fortified blood.

Clarity of body, clarity of mind. Corps Vitale is a lightweight, amber hued, aromatic liquid – clean and bright with an earthy freshness that whispers Omani frankincense while essential oils of Geranium sur fleur roses and Davana balance with a hint of sweetness. Our base stays light with organic aloe vera juice “The Silent Healer”, organic Bulgarian rose hydrolate and In Fiore tincture.*

The Blend:
Frankincense (“free” and “purification”) is an essence associated with air, breath, and the breast region. Known for its calming influence, it helps deepen inhalation and strengthen the lungs. Geranium stimulates circulation while rose supports liver function. Davana, a spiritual essence from India, fortifies respiration and has long been used as an anti-viral. A singular blend of herbal infusions promotes systemic detoxification and boosts immunity: Astralagus root, Red clover blossoms, Mullein leaf and Echinacea angustifolia. Red root, Cleavers and Osha help protect against viral diseases by clearing nodes and eliminating excess waste fluids. Oregon grape root and nettles help fortify and nourish the blood. Stillingia root, known as a blood purifying alterative, acts swiftly on the liver and kidneys – as does Burdock root, which also is prescribed for its effect on conditions linked to overburdened blood, such as arthritis and infections. Yellow dock responds to skin conditions associated with liver toxicity. Lemon rind, a well-known immune booster, adds a slightly astringent quality and facilitates toxin removal by increasing blood movement.
FOR THE SKIN. apply to clean, still damp skin after bathing. Shake well then spray directly to skin or spray hands and wipe along the body’s lymphatic channels, e.g, tonsils to clavicle, chest to armpits, inner arm, groin area, etc. Can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities such as dry brushing or hydrotherapy. Follow with In Fiore body balms or oils to seal in your skin’s natural moisture. Not to be used during pregnancy.

SUGGESTED USE. 3 times per week as a part of your wellness regimen. For an accelerated process, use daily for 3 weeks, abstain 1 week, and repeat. POSSIBLE EFFECTS may likely experience mild detoxification effects (e.g., fatigue, increased perspiration, etc); these will diminish with repeated application. If used in concert with additional healing modalities, effects may feel stronger.

*In Fiore tincture is the “spirit” of our brand – a proprietary blend of jasmine blossoms, rosehips and calendula flowers infused in bio-dynamic grape alcohol. Our primary signature, Jasmine “Flower of Knowledge”, synergizes with a nourishing purity and permeating warmth; rosehips an calendula promote tissue repair and cell regeneration.

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