Figs, the inverted flowers

image: courtesy burekaboy

ALCHEMY OF FIGS. Figs are one of the most ancient foods and had an important role in the Mediterranean diet for millennia. Egyptian priests bit into a ripe fig at the conclusion of consecration ceremonies. The Greeks considered them the ideal food, and figs were never harvested until a priest declared them ripe. In Asia, the Banyan fig tree is sacred to Buddha and is said to have its roots in heaven. Figs symbolize the rewards of meditation. The fruits are actually flower cases that contain both the male and the female flowers during fertilization. After fertilization, the flower cases swell with seeds and ooze sweet nectar.

The word “fig” actually comes from the Arabian word for testicles, though esoterically, they are thought to embody only the highest powers of fertility and love. Growing a fig plant (such as Ficus carica or Ficus benjamina) indoors brings good luck and abundance to the room in which it is placed.

Having someone bite into a fig while you are holding it makes them instantly infatuated with you…


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