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Through the looking glass

PH: Pierre Boucher


Postcards from a Wintry Tokyo

PH: J. Elliott // all rights reserved


Ancient roots

Trees: they are sentinels, teachers, providers, spirit keepers. Imagine all the changes this ancient tree has seen in its lifetime.

Kenroku-en Gardens, Kanazawa, Japan // PH: J. Elliott

Serat Ambiya

Serat Ambiya manuscript, 1844-51, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Motifs include elephants, naga serpents and people depicted in the Javanese elongated wayang style.

Celestial Nights

Celestial Nights, 1997-2001. Photographer Neil Folberg skillfully captures a spectacular world of nocturnal landscapes where the horizon isn’t always definitive. The earth and heavens are mingled, a blurred division between present and eternity, substance and spirit, and knowledge and imagination. “No one can draw that line with precision, for we exist in all of these worlds at once.” More here.

Starting from top: Morning Mist; Ancient Synagogue, Marut; Har Hermon; Scorpius Milky Way Rising; Rosette Nebula; Olive Tree; Eclipsed Moonrise, Dead Sea; Ballistra

Klimt Medicine

Oh, to be immortalized like this…

Gustav Klimt. Medicine, 1901.

Gustav Klimt. Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Seeing signs

This machine is working.

PH: J. Elliott, taken with an iPhone