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Les Fleurs du mal

“Les Fleurs du mal: for charles baudelaire” // PH: Leo Yigit Ekiz



Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 18, 2011. Buddhist monks from the Busshinji temple meditate on the helipad of downtown Sao Paolo’s Copan building. Rising 37-stories tall, they consider it a Zen Buddhist mountain in the middle of the city. (click image to enlarge)

Image: Nacho Doce / Reuters via photoblog.msnbc


Top to bottom: Brazil/PH: Silvino Mendonca; PH: Naho Kubota; Untitled by Cy Twombly, 1970

purple winter

top to bottom: (1) PH: Juliet Heins for National Geographic; (2)  SF skyline/ PH: J. Elliott; (1) PH: Saul Letier via hotparade

i need the sea

photo via Old Chum

All or nothing but flowers

All or nothing but flowers in a flowering universe. – Soen Nakagawa // PH: Christopher Lusher


credits: image (1) unknown; (2) unknown; (3) astrological geomantic plate (Iran, 17thc or 18thc) via CrashinglyBeautiful ;  (4) Infanta Series by Ralph Gibson via BillyJane