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Is that too much to ask?

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.” — John Keats

Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning with the Capricorne sculpture, Sedona, Arizona, 1948 // PH: PH: John Kasnetzis via crashinglybeautiful


Create destiny

flower flower

Carl Andre

Summer attire

Summer attire as skin protection…or not.
PH: Jacques Henri Lartigue, 1926/27

Say Yes

Sometimes you just need to Go With It.
Beach Blanket Bingo, Coney Island // PH: Pierre Belzeaux, 1940s
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Power to the Minerals aka Im going to realign your chakras motherf******

I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was Man.
healing via loveisthenewblk

Crystal Brass Knuckles (I am going to realign your chakras motherf******), 2009
[ed note: best sculpture title ever]
by Debra Baxter

Portals to another world

Untitled (Portal Photograph) by Scott Treleaven
Treleaven builds a subtle dialogue beginning with the ‘portal photographs,’ which are created by refracting handmade dioramas through a series of lenses. Based on techniques pioneered by the early Symbolists, these almost painterly images present strangely formalized glimpses of glyphs and ciphers that gesture beyond what is merely “seen.” On view at the Silverman Gallery thru April 23, 2011