Lechuguilla Cave

Lechuguilla Cave is currently the seventh-longest explored cave in the world and the deepest in the continental United States but it is most famous for its unusual geology, rare formations, and pristine condition. The cave is named for Agave lechuguilla, a plant found near its entrance. It is located in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico.

PHOTOS, top to bottom: Lechuguilla cave/PH: unknown; Pearlsian Gulf/PH: Dave Bunnell via Wikimedia Commons license; Underwater stalagmite/PH: Michael Nichols via National Geographic; Tower place/PH: Michael Nichols via National Geographic; Chandelier Ballroom/PH: Dave Bunnell via Wikimedia Commons license; Shelfstone tables in Atlantis chamber/PH: WGBH Educational Foundation via NOVA


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