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There will be blood.

For all of our favorite blood-thirsty souls out there, IN FIORE has a special trick-or-treat just for you…

ON OCTOBER 31, in celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, we will be giving away precious little vials of BLOOD CHRYSANTHEMUM blended with SANGRE DE DRAGO. Wicked pleasures for our wicked In Fiore friends. Use this healing potion to arm yourself against the cold, winter months in case you need to slay any dragons (and scare off any lingering souls visiting from the underworld). Far better than a chain of garlic.
Oct 31, in store only, while supplies last.


Portraits in Oils: Retreat with Julie in Sayulita, Mexico

PORTRAITS IN OILS: Demystifying the energetic healing patterns of essential oils
Special 7-day Retreat with Julie Elliott

Haramara • Sayulita, Mexico

IMAGINE a scent so bewitching a single encounter could write the future. For Julie Elliott, it was the raw simplicity of true jasmine absolute – primordial, pure, unknown – that sparked the creation of IN FIORE. Coveted by devotees all over the world, In Fiore’s enduring success is a testament to Julie’s intuitive understanding of the transformative, divine properties of essential oils.

JOIN US for a deep and rare look into the power of Aromatherapy with Julie as our guide. Learn how oils can be used to rejuvenate the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems through detoxification, fortification and nourishment.

EXPLORE different essentials oil in depth each day. Dive into properties and therapeutic uses; investigate deeper themes such as the gold and silver remedies, and anthroposophical concepts of the light and the air organisms; incorporate oils into your daily wellness regimen, including purification via dry brushing, bathing therapies and detoxifying massage.

AWAKEN your soul at the secluded and idyllic grounds of Haramara Retreat. Begin your mornings with a healing yoga class taught by veteran teachers, Peggy Orr and Jim Desser. Experience a day ceremony led by a Huichol Shaman; venture through the surrounding jungle; wander to a marvelous shop filled with pearls, gems and healing energy. Leave physically and mentally energized with knowledge and insight that will stay with you on your next journey.


Reporting for duty at IF HQ

Quintessentially PERFUME

BOOK LAUNCH • Quintessentially Perfume feat. In Fiore, Guerlain, Serge Lutens,… • LONDON