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May all that emerges

Yves Klein, in prayer to Saint Rita of Cascia


stumbling into jazz, Kanazawa-style

A treasure of a bar. Here’s to keeping the soul’s embers burning…

Opened in 1969 by a jazz-loving man and his wife. He wanted a place to relax and enjoy his jazz collection. He’d sit at the end of the bar, chilling, playing music for his friends and guests. Rows and rows and rows of vinyl lining the shelves, floor to ceiling, like bottles on display. The drink menu simply pared: shochu, whiskey, tea. He died 8 years ago. His wife, now in her 60s, keeps the bar running, the vinyl spinning. His chair at the end of the bar — it’s still there. Such a special place and and anyone would be so lucky to find it. The name of the bar is YORK and it’s nestled in a little alley in Kanazawa.

PH: Julie Elliott

Kyoto’s sensual side

Former Geisha house, Edo Period…

All images except #2,#3 by Julie Elliott. Image 3: Nude with Fan, 1930s, Solarized gelatin-silver print

New Garde

A collection of pen & brush drawings based on repeated diamond, maidenhair fern, glass perfume bottle, and female face motifs, touching on ideas of identity, existence, and ambiguity. Printed by Risograph in London. By Leslie Hendin.

NEW GARDE is an independent publisher based in San Francisco and London, specializing in art related books, zines, and printed matter.

Beauty Treatment, 1930

Beauty Treatment, 1930 // PH: Herbert Gehr

I have no scene

I have no scene. I go everywhere.

I adapt.

– Karl Lagerfeld

-Karl Lagerfeld

Art of self-forgetfulness

“Man is a thinking reed but his great works are done when he is not calculating and thinking. ‘Child-likeness’ has to be restored with long years of training in the art of self-forgetfulness. When this is attained, man thinks yet does not think. He thinks like the showers coming down from the sky; he thinks like the waves rolling on the ocean; he thinks like the stars illuminating the nightly heavens; he thinks like the green foliage shooting forth in the relaxing spring breeze. Indeed he is the showers, the ocean, the stars, the foliage. – D.T. Suzuki (20th century scholar)

That Inward Eye, 1940 // PH: John Gutmann